HEIFER COCKROACH & ANTS REPELLENT 450ML HEIFER PEST CONTROL Johor Bahru JB Supplier, Supply | Velocitydiy Concept Store Sdn Bhd
RM 35.00
450 g
Made from natural ingredients. Harmless to the human body. Suitable for use in cars due to the non-aerosol type spray.
From the traditions of Arizona, America, highly alkaline substances are used to keep out cockroaches. Within three to fourteen days, cockroaches will be repelled. Due to the acidic nature of the cockroaches digestive system, the alkaline substances can effectively exterminate them. Along with the traditional insect repellent, lemongrass, HEIFER cockroach & Ants Repellent can effectively repel ants and cockroaches while doing no harm to animals or plants. This is thus especially suitable for homes with children and elderly.

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